Small BUSINESSES You can START and RUN with Little Capital.

You can start: African FASHION Export, FASHION/Accessories BOUTIQUE, BEAUTY/Accessories Shop, Ornamental BEADS Making, Flower/Plants SHOP, Pets (DOGS) Holiday Camp, PETS Accessories/FOOD Shop, Day CARE Centre, FAST FOOD Shop, Light BREAKFAST (Tea/Coffee) Shop, Convenience Store, EVENTS Centre, EVENTS Manager/Planning, FOOTBALL Watching Centre, ART Gallery, DRIVING School, DANCING School, Real Estate AGENCY, Students' REMEDIAL Classes, House PAINTING Services, Magazines/BOOKS Stand, Liquid Detergent/SOAP Making, Car WASH Production, PAINT Making, CANDLE Making, FISH Farming, SNAIL Farming, Grass CUTTER/RABBIT Farming, GOAT Rearing, Piggery (PIG Farming), POULTRY Farming, Livestock FEEDS Production, EGGS Shop/Supply, Pure HONEY Packaging, CONFECTIONARIES Production, Wedding/Birthday CAKE Supply, Ice CREAM Production, Pure WATER Packaging, Ice BLOCK Production, Recharge CARD Printing, EXERCISE Book Production, Graphic Arts/PRINTING Services, CHALK Production, CUCUMBER Farming, TOMATO Farming, VEGETABLES Farming, ONIONS Farming, Water MELON Farming, Landscaping/FLOWER Garden Maintenance, Plantain/BANANA Farming, Shear NUTS Export, Sesame SEEDS Export, Palm KERNEL Export, Smoked FISH Export, African FOODS Export, Bitter KOLA Export, Kola NUTS Export, Cassava CHIPS Export, Cashew NUTS Export, CHARCOAL Export, GINGER Farming/Export, Palm OIL Export, Palm-Kernel OIL Export, Palm-Kernel SHELL Export, House/Office CLEANING Services, Cooling VAN Services, PLASTIC Re-Cycling, BLOGGING for Profit, eCommerce SHOP, Affiliate Marketing, WEBSITE Design Services, COMPUTER Repairs Services, Online SURVEY/MARKET Research, Book-Keeping (ACCOUNTS) Services, AIR Conditioning Services, Used CAR Sales, Venicle TYRE Maintenance Services, PEST Control/FUMIGATION Services, Wall/Floor TILES Installation, Automated BLOCK Industry, Manual BLOCK Industry, Swimming POOL Maintenance, ROOF Maintenance Services, Call-a-PLUMBER Services, RUG/CARPET Cleaning Services, HAIR and BEAUTY Salon, Executive BARBING Services, WASTE Disposal Services, Private 'COACH' Services, Local GYM/Fitness Coach, Local COURIER Services, Private SECURITY Services, Executive TAILORING Services, Executive LAUNDRY Services, SPORTS Equipment Sales, SAFETY/SECURITY Equipment Sales/Installation, Welding/METAL Fabrication, Leather BAGS/SHOES Production, Polythene BAGS Production, FURNITURE Production

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